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Post And Wire Bird Control Fitted In Tonbridge.

Post and Wire Bird Control fitted in Tonbridge.

When considering what bird control measures to put in place we always take into account not only the best prevention but look at alternatives that blend better with the building in this instance post and wire for pigeon control was thought to be the best option.

Post and wire is a relatively straight forward installation and consists of 3 main components, posts, wire and springs as the system is placed under tension.

The advantages of this type of bird deterrent is that from a reasonable distance your can hardly see it. It’s probably one of the most discreet options in our arsenal against pest pigeons and seagulls apart from some the electronic systems we install.

Due to the materiel type, consisting of stainless tell posts and coated steel wire, you will find it will last many years.

It’s common uses are on ledges, roof ridges (fitted with a different type of post) window sills, shop signs and even flat roofs.

We have fitted many of these systems all over Kent in a variety of locations.

In the above example, we fitted the bird deterrent to a long ledge on a building in High Street, Tonbridge, Kent along with bird control spikes and pigeon netting.



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