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Bird Control Spikes For Pigeons And Seagulls

Bird Control Spikes For Pigeons and Seagulls

Bird control spikes have been around for many years and have proved to be an effective pigeon or seagull deterrent whether as a stand alone product or working in conjunction with other bird deterrents.

Pigeon and seagull spikes are made of either high density, UV resistant plastic or stainless steel. Both are fixed to a solid UV and rot resistant plastic base.

Spikes are a fairly versatile product which can be installed to a number of surfaces including concrete, metal and wood using either an industry ready mastic or screwed into place.

Using the right bird spikes is essential for a successful installation.

Bird repellent spikes cannot be installed and hope for the best. There are a number of factors to take into account along with the type of bird causing the problem which will dictate the design of the spike to be used.

Homemade pigeon control spikes with nails in woodForget the homemade, and rather crude deterrent of banging nails through a piece of wood, turning upside down and putting into place.

This simply does not work. Birds, in particular pigeons, are smarter than that!

Seagulls have longer legs than pigeons therefore longer spikes have to be installed. Likewise the ‘spread’ of the spike is important.

For bigger problem areas we would install full spikes rather than those with less prongs.

The problem area has to be taken into account along with the amount of birds.

Generally, pigeon or seagull spikes are a good deterrent for low to medium pressure areas and it may be that this type of bird deterrent would work alongside anti bird control netting or our post and wire system.

If your window sills need protecting we can install bird control spikes to windows using specially designed clips so that the windows can open and close freely whilst not damaging the ends of the spikes. We can fit to gutters as well using gutter clips.

Other areas we fit pigeon and seagull spikes:

  • Behind chimneys. (This has to be done in a certain way otherwise the gulls use the spikes as a base for creating nests).
  • Roof ledges
  • Chimney stacks
  • Shop signs
  • Window ledges/sills
  • Beams and girders

Do spikes harm pigeon or seagulls?

No. None of our products are designed to harm, injure or trap birds as we work in line with Natural England and DEFRA guidelines. Spikes act as a visual deterrent only and will change the habit of the birds and prevent them from landing and roosting.

The ends of the spikes are not sharp. Metal spikes in particular have a rounded end so birds will not impale themselves on them.

Installing bird control spikes.

Over the years we have fitted thousands of metres of pigeon and seagull deterrent spikes to various types of buildings from office blocks, warehouses, churches, fire stations, schools, restaurants, shop fronts and signage.

We always take into account the how they will blend with the property.

It maybe that spikes are not the answer, or that they will have to be installed with one of the many other types of bird protection we supply and fit.

A site survey with give us the answers to this.

So there you have it. Bird spikes are an effective deterrent. Fitted the wrong way will render them useless. Fitted correctly will keep you bird free and prevent your home or business property from being invaded by pigeons or seagulls.

You can call Kent’s leading bird control experts if you want pigeon or seagulls spikes installed at your property.

Email us here or call 01233 500332 or 07802 270407 for more information about our range of bird control deterrents.





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