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Bird Control Netting Under Mainline Bridge

Bird Control Netting Under Mainline Bridge

Pigeons nesting under railway bridges is a very common problem. Not only does the acidic content of bird droppingsĀ  ruin the paintwork and fabric but the mess can be horrendous on the public footpaths under the bridges.

Kent Bird Control was sub contracted recently to install bird control netting to the underside beams to prevent pigeons from accessing them.

The netting installation required careful planning as overnight road closures were put in place as the work was carried out between 10PM and 6AM over two nights.

We rose to the challenge to ensure the installation of the bird control netting was installed in time with the deadline.

You can call Kent’s leading bird control experts if you want pigeon or seagulls spikes installed at your property.

Email us here or call 01233 500332 or 07802 270407 for more information about our range of bird control deterrents.





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